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Frequently Asked Questions

    • This site is not ran by Aventurine. This site is a fan site that just wants to bring valuable information to the player base.
  • I login, but i cant create a character. The button is grey. Please help me !
    • Please see first FAQ. Then head on over to the right place: AV Support Site.
  • If this site is not ran by AV, who is running it?
    • There have been many people involved to provide their services for this site. Look at it as a “For Us, By Us” type of thing.
  • Why do you have ads on your site?
    • We are simply trying to pay for hosting fees, development fees etc. Trust us, we are not gettin’ rich off this. However, if you would like to donate, please feel free to contact us via the feedback page.
  • Since last patch, my antivirus detected DFUW.EXE as a trojan ??
    • First off, downloading pr0n is bad. Second, please refer to the first FAQ. Third, visit AV Support Site.
  • Where do you get your information?
    • Most of it has been made public knowledge one way or another. Whether it be via communication from AV themselves, through the public forums, or from other community members’ discoveries that somehow came to our inbox. We figure, if this information is out there already, why not make it accessible to the entire community in a centralized hub? No secrets here!
  • I know for a fact that you all knew and could’ve told the community this information MUCH sooner, let alone litterally a fucking minute before the release date. Instead of trying to be hopelessly optimistic, be realistic and professional for once and just say q4 2012, maybe. and no one will say shit, but you give exact dates like some amateur indie developers, You worked with darkfall for many years, there is no reason for any of you to act this way. Fuck each and every single one of you.
    • Well, we do feel really bad, and somewhat share your feelings (to some degree). However, I see your “Fuck You” and raise you a “Please refer to the first FAQ”. Have a great day!
  • “Dear Friends” Don’t call me your fucking friend, I gave you guys hundreds of my hard earned money over the years, and you just fuck me like this. Fuck all of you. I hope the riots hit your offices and you guys get sodomized and beheaded.
    • We are so sorry you feel this way. However, we never got your money. Please request for a Paypal donation link via our Feedback form.
  • What Are the System Requirements?
    • Windows XP Service Pack 3, 32bit
    • Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 + or AMD Phenom II X2 +
    • 4GB RAM
    • nVidia GeForce 8600 + or AMD or ATI 4850 +
    • DirectX Sound Card
    • 12GB Free Space