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Steam Exploration Sale!

Greetings Agonians, We are glad to announce that we’re part of Steam’s Exploration sale! Our subscription plans have the following discounts: 1 Month plan at 66% off(5.08 Euro) 3 Months plan at 50% off (17,92 Euro) 6 Months plan at 33% off (40.18 Euro) Please head over to our Steam page and enjoy these deals […]

Patch Notes 23/11/2015

Greetings Agonians, We are proud to announce that we have been working hard on a PvE update that addresses several problems in this area of the game. A lot of spawns that are located in high level areas such as the subcontinents or center of the map, are not challenging or profitable for the players […]

Halloween Patch

Halloween Event: Ghastly greetings to all haunters and haunted alike! Tis a time of ghastly goings on and gut-wrenchingly villainous deeds. A time of horrid monsters and horrible people to revel in the annual dedication to lovely, lovely evil… In short.. it is Halloween! Starting today and for 5 days hence (or more), we shall […]

Darkfall Halloween Sale and Free Weekend.

Greetings community, Darkfall:Unholy Wars will be 33% off, starting today, till Monday 1st of November. Also, during this weekend the game will be free for everyone. So it is time to recruit new Jack-o-Lanterns, and slay the evil banshees! Let’s celebrate Halloween together. Bring your scariest masks and weapons, and fill the world of Agon […]

Patch Notes Oct 23rd

Greetings! Here are today’s patch notes: UI 4 slots have been added on the UI hotbars. That is 2 on each hotbar. We expect this change to increase the skill ceiling as well as lead to more interesting builds. Gear Gap We have reduced the gear gap between the lowest and the highest sets of […]

Oct 9th Patch Notes

Without further ado: Combat Changes: – Archery stamina cost reduced ~40% – Primalist robes regeneration reduced by 15%. Piercing protection reduced by 10% ( ~2.5 points of damage at Leenspar level ) – Relic of deception, crouch bonus speed reduced by 80% General Changes/Fixes: – Fixed clan Quarry dropping only stone. – For better consistency, […]

Oct 6th Patch Notes

Hello We are applying another bug-fixing patch that also includes some combat changes, based on your feedback, our observations, as well as skill usage statistics. The aim is to give a bigger variety of choices to the players by slightly toning down the most used skills and slightly increasing the power of the least used […]

Patch notes Sep 30th

Today’s patch focuses on bug-fixing, economy updates, and a few combat changes: Economy Changes: We reduced the time required to prepare “rare” gear bags, with focus given on Selentine/Veilron level gear. Rare ore drops from Junglestomper/Dune Shaper/Winterbound increased by ~3 ore per kill. Rare ore drops from Veilron Golems have been increased by ~3.5 ore […]

Patch notes Sep 25th.

Today’s patch includes fixes to various bugs that you have reported to us, as well as some more economy tweaks. Economy Changes Mobs that dropped neithal level fragments, have their chances/quantities slightly increased. Added timeless fragments on more villain mobs. Updated loot tables for: Goblins , Wildtribes. Slightly decreased chances/quantities of leenspar level fragment drops. […]

Free weekend offer duration extended

Greetings! We are extending the offer where you can play Darkfall for free, for one more day. The offer will expire after tomorrow’s scheduled maintenance. Originally posted at Darkfall Forums – Darkfall News