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Hot Fix 25/7/2014

Greetings, With today’s downtime we implemented some changes. Hotfix: Attunement to water duration on caster reduced by 77%. This is a temporary hot-fix for this skill. We are planning to change its functionality completely with the next balance patch. Fixed several issues that could possibly cause crashes of client.

Patch Notes July 24th

Greetings, As promised, with today’s maintenance we are applying a new patch. This patch contains the following: Action HUD Part 1 Added a HUD edit mode (Available from the main menu) New crosshair component New healthbar component New target information component New progress bar component (Casting/Interacting and Breathing) New target modifier(s) component New Use Prompt […]

Action Mode HUD & Edit Mode

We always felt that the GUI we had so far was lacking in terms of customization and functionality. We started changing things with the revisions we did to windows like Chat, Feats and Roles, and as it was expected, the time had come to give some attention to what we call internally the "Front of […]

24/7 Server Down(patch)time…

The daily maintenance will begin a bit later today. We are fixing some minor bugs. Expect a new Action mode HUD with new cross-hairs when the server will be up… More info regarding patch notes will follow up soon.

Are you ready for Darkball?

[Tournament] Grand 3v3 tournament hosted by Aesir

Brace yourselves. It is time! A time for glory and honor, a time to shine. It is time to truly test and strain your limits of fighting skills in the upcoming 3v3 tournament hosted by Aesir Online Community-Gaming. In cooperation with AV, we are holding a 3v3 tournament to happen August 10th. It is time […]

Double Prowess up to 50k!

During the weekend all players lower than 50k Prowess Points will receive double prowess for their activities! Event begins after Friday maintenance.

Are Niche MMO Communities the best? Video by Zach Sharpes.

After his first video, Zach Sharpes returns with a well made video about Darkfall community. You can find his video here via Darkfall Forums – Darkfall Spotlight http://ift.tt/1p1ckut

Kraken Event Video

Lux arcana, The Brootherhood, House of Three and Elders of Agon at "Release the Krakens" event. Enjoy their video via Darkfall Forums – Darkfall Spotlight http://ift.tt/1sTSCU2

Mavengar Siege Video: Immortals vs An Corp/Vehm/SUN.

Clan Immortals created a nice siege video. Be sure to check it out! via Darkfall Forums – Darkfall Spotlight http://ift.tt/1m9Z1EZ