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Oct 6th Patch Notes

Hello We are applying another bug-fixing patch that also includes some combat changes, based on your feedback, our observations, as well as skill usage statistics. The aim is to give a bigger variety of choices to the players by slightly toning down the most used skills and slightly increasing the power of the least used […]

Patch notes Sep 30th

Today’s patch focuses on bug-fixing, economy updates, and a few combat changes: Economy Changes: We reduced the time required to prepare “rare” gear bags, with focus given on Selentine/Veilron level gear. Rare ore drops from Junglestomper/Dune Shaper/Winterbound increased by ~3 ore per kill. Rare ore drops from Veilron Golems have been increased by ~3.5 ore […]

Patch notes Sep 25th.

Today’s patch includes fixes to various bugs that you have reported to us, as well as some more economy tweaks. Economy Changes Mobs that dropped neithal level fragments, have their chances/quantities slightly increased. Added timeless fragments on more villain mobs. Updated loot tables for: Goblins , Wildtribes. Slightly decreased chances/quantities of leenspar level fragment drops. […]

Free weekend offer duration extended

Greetings! We are extending the offer where you can play Darkfall for free, for one more day. The offer will expire after tomorrow’s scheduled maintenance. Originally posted at Darkfall Forums – Darkfall News

Hotfixes Sep 21st

Today we patched in some more fixes to various issues: – Fixed skill not reverting to default attack when the correct option is used. – Fixed cannons not firing. – New Fix for fps drop when switching between skills that have weapons linked to them. Changes: – Weapon fragments can now be sold in market. […]

Hotfixes Sep 19th – Updated

We are issuing a client-side patch that addresses several bugs. Note that: in order to receive this patch, you simply have to relog your character. – If you select a skill that has linked weapon and autocast ON, what will happen is: The linked weapon will be equipped on the first keypress, and the spell […]

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The latest from AV Devs

Enchanting Plan B

This is subject to change. This is an alternative plan for enchanting, please provide feedback The idea is we use a similar system with DF1, which worked rather well until the end of the game. It will be adapted for the game’s current economic problem, and activity problem. Let’s start with the obvious, each enchant […]

Arenas to be added in Darkfall?

Axilmar (Technical Designer) talked about Arenas in Darkfall. This is what he had to say. We are not going to make Darkfall an Arena, but we certainly gonna create arenas in Darkfall. I can’t give you an ETA though, because the list of things we have to do is really long. Source I am thinking […]

clarification on new village requisitioning

Yesterday, Mass made a post in a thread about village requisitions. You can read it below. If I can, I’d like to try to explain some of our thinking about the options for village requisitions… Firstly, globules… given that the number of globules required to requisition a village is directly proportional to the amount of […]

Maintenance during greek office hours, why?

Mass gave the reasons why the servers are brought down at which time. Shut-down and start-up are the most “error-prone” times for the servers… while everything happens correctly 99% of the time… for those times when something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s important that someone (ideally the developer responsible for the issue) is present, […]

Zobek information on animation changes and upcoming updates to animations.

New reply by Zobek (Lead Artist) on animation speed changes and an upcoming animation update. The movement animations , as well the Casting Animation (with Staffs) were intentionally increased in order to have a better visual sync between the Character and the actual moving speed. Unfortunately, there was an untended side effect with this. Now […]

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