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Daedrus’ Tales update June 20th

If you love to read head to Daedrus’ Tales. This is a dedicated blog for high quality player made Darkfall lore! Click on each image to read the stories behind them! The Seven Legends of Bloodscar : When the black tower rose  out of the Moldar Plains at the behest of the powerful Opus of […]

Weekly Update November 15 – November 21.

Greetings, The Steam sale has brought a lot of valuable data on the table, and we’re focusing on addressing the issues that occurred during the trial period based on players’ feedback. We would also like to thank you for your invaluable help towards new players. Design team Following our Steam Free Week, we were able […]

UI Suggestion and Feeback for Dev Part 2

Here are some more concept design submitted by user to improve Darkfall UI. See Part 1 here. Health/Int/Stamina Bar suggestion by World Dominator Make current Bars straight.  See top of the picture by Naglfar Yotunov from Darkfall Community Blog

DFUW FB Post on November 20, 2014 at 06:11AM

Discussions with Conclave continue. Read more about regionalization and enchanting. http://goo.gl/4bTT6d Sep14: Topic 3+4 – Regionalization and Echantingforums.darkfallonline.comRegionalization and Enchanting Goal To add new materials to the game that are to be heavily regionalized, with varying availabilities but more heavily leaning towards rare, that are also useful to the players so that they are desirable. […]

UI Improvement suggestion for developers

Here are few Darkfall UI improvement suggestions to the Dev team. Click on each picture to enlarge it.  Portal Tab Needs to be separated.  Move the “Register” and “Option” buttons below.  A loading progress bar will assure client didn’t crash and how long to wait.   The left and right minimalist menu are confusing for new […]

Steam user playing Darkfall should register with AV to get Tech Support, Official Forum, Seletine Gold, etc

All Steam users playing Darkfall should register with Aventurine (AMS) so that you can get full Tech support, privilege to post in official forums, and purchase Selentine Gold for fluff items.  You can also play Darkfall directly without using Steam.  Also when AV gives out special gifts and offers you can redeem them in your […]

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The latest from AV Devs

clarification on new village requisitioning

Yesterday, Mass made a post in a thread about village requisitions. You can read it below. If I can, I’d like to try to explain some of our thinking about the options for village requisitions… Firstly, globules… given that the number of globules required to requisition a village is directly proportional to the amount of […]

Maintenance during greek office hours, why?

Mass gave the reasons why the servers are brought down at which time. Shut-down and start-up are the most “error-prone” times for the servers… while everything happens correctly 99% of the time… for those times when something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s important that someone (ideally the developer responsible for the issue) is present, […]

Zobek information on animation changes and upcoming updates to animations.

New reply by Zobek (Lead Artist) on animation speed changes and an upcoming animation update. The movement animations , as well the Casting Animation (with Staffs) were intentionally increased in order to have a better visual sync between the Character and the actual moving speed. Unfortunately, there was an untended side effect with this. Now […]

Hotfix patch notes

Nothing much here just a few hotfixes * Base Attribute Function of spells has been fixed (Spells dealing reduced damage issue). * Pall Of Pandemonium inability to silence players has been fixed. * Seizure will not cause any crashes anymore. * Hitting sounds have been fixed. * Ship waves are now fixed. * Kraken Broodling […]

Hotfix Today And Delayed Maintenance

A new announcement on the public forums was made about a hotfix today. The maintenace will be delayed by a few hours. We will need to delay the maintenance time by 2 to 4 hours. This is happening because we need to rectify some of the negative issues that appeared with yesterday’s patch. I will […]

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