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With the latest news of DFUW not being supported or playable anymore, we will be shutting this site down as well. The last day will be Sept. 18th, 2016. We appreciate all the users we have had over the years. We wish you all luck in finding a new game to fill the void Darkfall […]

DFUW Still Alive – Just might need a Language Course

We all know that the numbers in game for DFUW are dying down. Both EU and NA are a desert. However, there is a DFUW that is very much alive. We were contact by an individual who has released a guide to setting up DFUW for the Japan Market. In their words: I want to […]

Darkfall: Rise of Agon – Pricing & Development Structure

SOURCE ‚Äč With the source code in hand, our team has never been so excited for what the future holds. The development team has been very hard at work, and we will provide a more detailed update next week on this topic.As expected, there are many questions regarding the cost for Darkfall: Rise of Agon […]

Patch Notes 10/03/2016

Greetings Agonians, After a long cold winter, spring is finally arriving in Agon, Removed the Xmas Event theme throughout Agon Removed the Krampus Visage empty folder from the Premium Shop Removed all Conversion Recipes for the Aged Materials At this point, the skill should be only visible through the skill window (will be addressed in […]

Darkfall: Rise of Agon – Early Beta Development Roadmap

SOURCE Early Beta Development Roadmap Today we are happy to present our Development Roadmap for our early development stages. Our initial focus is on areas of the game that help with the new player experience as well as changes that have high impact on the game but require lower development cost. Some of the changes […]

Darkfall: Rise of Agon – Now in Development

SOURCE Darkfall: Rise of Agon – Now in Development March 1, 2016, 1 a.m. by Hugo | Comments Greetings everyone, Today we are happy to announce that Big Picture Games has acquired the license for Darkfall Online. We realize that this process has taken longer than anticipated, but we wanted to ensure that we did […]

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Enchanting Plan B

This is subject to change. This is an alternative plan for enchanting, please provide feedback The idea is we use a similar system with DF1, which worked rather well until the end of the game. It will be adapted for the game’s current economic problem, and activity problem. Let’s start with the obvious, each enchant […]

Arenas to be added in Darkfall?

Axilmar (Technical Designer) talked about Arenas in Darkfall. This is what he had to say. We are not going to make Darkfall an Arena, but we certainly gonna create arenas in Darkfall. I can’t give you an ETA though, because the list of things we have to do is really long. Source I am thinking […]

clarification on new village requisitioning

Yesterday, Mass made a post in a thread about village requisitions. You can read it below. If I can, I’d like to try to explain some of our thinking about the options for village requisitions… Firstly, globules… given that the number of globules required to requisition a village is directly proportional to the amount of […]

Maintenance during greek office hours, why?

Mass gave the reasons why the servers are brought down at which time. Shut-down and start-up are the most “error-prone” times for the servers… while everything happens correctly 99% of the time… for those times when something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s important that someone (ideally the developer responsible for the issue) is present, […]

Zobek information on animation changes and upcoming updates to animations.

New reply by Zobek (Lead Artist) on animation speed changes and an upcoming animation update. The movement animations , as well the Casting Animation (with Staffs) were intentionally increased in order to have a better visual sync between the Character and the actual moving speed. Unfortunately, there was an untended side effect with this. Now […]

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