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Hot Fix 1/8/2014

- Stamina regeneration changes while sprinting have been reverted. - Stamina cost for Sprinting reduced by 40% of its pre-patch value. - Fixed an issue with attunement to water not behaving correctly when its caster was out of mana. - Fixed a problem displaying how much selentine gold you have, and therefore purchasing selentine shop […]

Patch Notes 31/7/2014

With today’s maintenance we are applying a new patch. This patch contains the following: HUD Changes Added new option to the HUD cross-hair component to hide the display of the critical hit indicators Changed HUD targeting information component option for “show Prowess indicator”, so now when the Prowess indicator is hidden from the target information […]

Presenting the New Crafting Page

Citizens of Agon, we would like to announce that we have updated our crafting page to be more intuitive and easier to use for you. YOU! Why? Because we love you! And…we hated our old version too! No more spreadsheet that you have to scroll to get all the info. No more eye squinting searches […]

Hot Fix 25/7/2014

Greetings, With today’s downtime we implemented some changes. Hotfix: Attunement to water duration on caster reduced by 77%. This is a temporary hot-fix for this skill. We are planning to change its functionality completely with the next balance patch. Fixed several issues that could possibly cause crashes of client.

Patch Notes July 24th

Greetings, As promised, with today’s maintenance we are applying a new patch. This patch contains the following: Action HUD Part 1 Added a HUD edit mode (Available from the main menu) New crosshair component New healthbar component New target information component New progress bar component (Casting/Interacting and Breathing) New target modifier(s) component New Use Prompt […]

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